Spanish Iberico Pata Negra ham


All you need to know about Spanish ham, Iberico Pata Negra hams, Bellota hams and Serrano hams. Hams from Guijuelo, Extremadura and Jabugo. We are iberian ham experts with more than 40 years experience.


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About Ibérico Pata Negra Spanish Ham

Iberico hams are coming from iberico pigs, which is a native pig breed from Spain. Pata negra spanish hams are coming from 100% pure iberian breed pigs which have been feeds with bellotas and pastures. Meanwhile, Serrano hams are coming from white pigs, also raised in Spain.


In Jamonarium we are specialised in iberico Pata Negra hams, Ibérico Bellota hams and Serrano hams. If you are travelling from United States (US) and you are looking for trying trypical Iberico Spanish hams and Pata Negra hams, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our shop in Barcelona. If you will be travelling in Europe and you can’t get your ham to United States of America (USA), we are currently shipping Iberico and serrano hams anywhere in Europe. We have more than 40 years experience, so we will know what you will be looking for.


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Iberico Pata Negra ham tasting

Are you visiting Barcelona and are you looking for trying iberico pata negra Spanish ham? If this is your case, don’t hesitate to book your iberico pata negra ham tasting from USA, before coming to Spain. You will try different types of iberian ham and we will explain you more about them.

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Spanish ham types

100% Iberico pata negra ham

100% ibérico pata negra hams are coming from pigs of pure iberian breed. Those are the better valued among ibericos because they have only been feed with acorns and pastures, have been free raised and may have DO certification.

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50% iberico ham

50% iberico hams are coming from a female 100% iberico pig and male duroc pig. They have been feed with acorns and pastures and have been free raised in the Dehesa.

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Serrano ham

Serrano hams are coming from white pigs, feeds with authorised fooders. Serrano Gran Reserva hams have been traditionally cured during long time.

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Guijuelo ham

Guijuelo iberico hams are coming from the area of Salamanca. Those hams have been free raised, fattened and cured using the microclimate of the southern area of Salamanca.

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Jabugo ham

Jabugo iberico hams are coming from Huelva, in the area of Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche. Those are the most famous iberico hams for being one of the main ham producers.


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Extremadura ham

Those hams are coming from the whole area of Extremadura. Pigs have been raised in 85 towns placed in sierras of Cáceres and Badajoz.

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What People are Saying

“Great ham, great staff, great value!”

“My tasting was great – just me and conducted by a true expert… I even got to try a little 100% iberico, which was heavenly. Learnt a lot about jamon and how to choose, store and eat it, and bought some ham to take home at a great price! (Seriously I saw the prices at La Boqueria and they really mark up the hams by 2 to 3x!)”

Awctan, TripAdvisor

“Top quality products and service”

“This is my favorite shop of Spanish products in the world. They have everything I need and the quality is always immaculate. My usual bag includes jamon or paleta iberico bellotaNext time I want to try one of their Rioja wines, as well as an award winning olive oil from Andalucia which they offer at a great price. I’m really happy with them. “

George, TridAvisor

“Another successful experience”

“Found this gem on our trip in Barcelona. Had a long interesting conversation about Jamon and Spanish culture with the gentlman at the store. Excellent service, learned a lot about Spanish hams. 

Alexis, Google


“I sent a leg of ham back to my Dad in Manchester for his birthday. It took pride and place in the house and looked and tasted brilliant!”

Thomas, Google